Bamomas turns battery data in to business insights

Bamomas is a Finland-based tech company specializing in comprehensive battery fleet analytics solutions. Industrial batteries are key components in power systems, but they are often not actively monitored, analysed or managed. This results in unnecessary costs, safety issues, and unsustainable use of resources. 

Bamomas partnered with Sensoan to develop wireless battery sensors that enable 24/7 remote battery data collection of majority industrial Lead-acid and Ni-Cd batteries. The introduced battery sensor model +B01 features reliable industrial Wirepas Massive mesh network connectivity and is seamlessly integrated with Bamomas remote analytics platform. The sensors collect battery pack and mid-point voltage, current, temperature, and electrolyte level data in high resolution to ensure that battery health can be proactively managed and maintained. Wireless sensors have low power consumption and they are easy and quick to install. Every +B01 is equipped with integrated memory capable of storing several months of battery data in case of wireless network failures.  

Development of Bamomas battery sensor was much more complex than other IoT devices. We solved challenging requirements thanks to the deep knowledge and experience of Sensoan’s team. Sensoan’s team commitment and professionalism throughout the whole project allowed us to concentrate on our business.”   says Pavel Marek, CEO of Bamomas

Bamomas sensors can be used for battery measurements in a variety of industrial applications for example, forklift battery monitoring in material handling industry, UPS battery monitoring, battery tracking in rolling stock, golf cart battery tracking, auxiliary boat battery system monitoring, etc. They are already working with many leading industrial companies to provide them with remote battery analytics by offering them a complete range of solutions including their battery sensor, remote battery analytics platform, as well as connectivity options that enable consistent and reliable transfer of important data.

Gaining visibility into battery health and performance allows timely detection of battery malfunction and misuse events. It also helps predict battery lifespan and identify premature battery ageing, maximize battery lifetime, plan maintenance, and prevent potential safety issues. More information about battery monitoring at

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