Sensoan GW-100 – versatile gateway to connect and control

New Sensoan GW-100 device enables wide range of IoT use cases.

Low power consumption, modularity and adaptability enable the Sensoan GW-100 device to be used as a smart tracker, for remote monitoring of objects without electricity, or expanded, for example, for monitoring and optimizing energy consumption. Local measurements and controls can be implemented both with wired and inexpensive wireless sensors. Customers can be, for example, maintenance companies, companies that optimize energy consumption or manufacturers of building modules. Sensoan GW-100 will be available later this year. For customized projects, the platform is already available.

Sensoan’s team is an expert in wireless data transmission, various network solutions, sensors and the development of low-power solutions. With the new product family, the capabilities to make optimized customized solutions will improve even more.

The new products use Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF9160 and nRF5340 system chips, which provide low-power connections and versatile capabilities for local computing.

The development work has been supported by IoT Forge and ELY-Centre from the EU’s ERDF fund.

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