Smart IoT solutions

Sensoan’s tailor-made solutions make things and processes smart.
Start making decisions based on data today.

Save costs and streamline your processes

With Sensoan’s reliable and tailor-made IoT solutions, your decision-making is based on the data. You save costs by minimizing downtimes, streamlining supply chains, and increasing the effectiveness in different uses.

Localize errors

Predict the need for maintenance

Generate data

Increase competitiveness

Decrease costs

Sensoan’s services to support decision-making processes


Ready-to-use data collection service. Start collecting data and supercharging your processes quickly and with low costs.


We plan, develop and maintain smart devices and systems for your needs. Challenge us for any specific requirements!

Examples of the uses

Construction industry and real estate services

Sensoan’s sensors assist you in tracking the temperature and humidity from multiple locations during storing and building.

Industrial transportation

Identify and locate possible damage, and track conditions during transportation.

Condition tracking in various areas

Monitor conditions and process parameters. By monitoring the utilization of hardware and machinery and predicting the maintenance, you optimize daily processes and productivity.

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