Products and services

Today, business decisions must be based purely on data. This is why we made IoT and data capitalization easier and cheaper than ever before. We offer the best solutions for both quick experiments and tailor-made solutions, read more below!

Sensoan Data Collection

Today, business decisions are based on data. Start collecting data and supercharging your processes quickly and with low costs. Sensoan Data Collection collects the needed information with chose IoT sensors to cloud. All-encompassing service is all-in-one package from sensors to the user interface.

Web UI

Browser based user interface includes measurements but also:

  • device and user control
  • map based location data
  • measurement alerts
Sensoan Gateway

Transfer data to cloud with Sensoan Gateway

Sensoan Gateway is a system with battery backup, which transfers the wanted data to AWS cloud service through secured mobile data connection in EU area.

Sensoan sensors

Support for various sensors

  • Sensoan Sensors sensor collection
  • 3rd party sensors, such as RuuviTag
  • Sensors tailored by Sensoan Designing services

Sensoan Designing services

Sensoan’s designers help you solve the needs whenever ready made solutions can’t be found.

We start from the defined problem or ready made product definition. We have knowledge for the whole process from the design, concept creation and user interfaces to hardware and softare design of the device. 

Being a team full of former mobile phone designers, we know how to optimize power consumption. During the last years our knowledge has developed by utilizing Wirepas mesh technology in project with multiple sensors.

LTE-M or NB-IoT technologies are used in the cases which need the cellular network with low power consumption. 

Especially when optimizing the power consumption we tend to lean on Nordic Semiconductor’s nrf51 or nrf91 product family. In RTOS environment we use Zephyr operating system.

ESP-32 is an excellent choice, when low-cost and versatile device environment.

When local data processing is needed, we use Linux operating system.

Amazon AWS cloud is our selected cloud system. IoT core works as MQTT interface for sensor data. Data streams are controlled cost-efficiently in serverless mode. User interface and mobile app development are done with React and React Native tools. 

We also ensure that the products are compliant and, in addition, we can take care of the qualification approval processes.

Case examples


We implemented an electrical center delivery and usage monitoring to minimize downtimes for company UTU Oy. 


We provided Wirepas network and sensor solutions for Benete Oy’s new innovation for digital elder care.


We used wireless sensors to provide Anttiteollisuus Oy possibility to monitor the use of the various hardware. Because of the co-operation and savings, effectiveness rose and payback period of the solution was only few weeks.