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UTU Group

Electric and automation services provided already for over 100 years.

We implemented an electrical center delivery and usage monitoring to minimize downtimes for UTU Oy.

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Antti-Teollisuus Oy

Finnish family business manufacturing top-quality products for grain drying and the marine industry.

We used wireless sensors to provide Anttiteollisuus Oy with the possibility to monitor the use of the various hardware. Because of the cooperation and savings, the effectiveness rose and the payback period of the solution was only a few weeks.

ProLevels Oy

ProLevels Oy’s Fluids fluid level measuring system for monitoring the filling and depletion of fluid reservoirs is being made in Scandinavia. Fluids is suitable for all types of fluids, excluding pressure vessels and paints.

ProLevels Oy needed a real-time warehouse management to streamline the supply chains, eliminate temporary stores, and to secure timely deliveries.

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Benete Oy

Benete helps care specialists to stay updated about the changes in performance and cognition of their clients with digital solutions.

Evondos Oy

Evondos produces medical devices for dose dispensing in accurately controlled circumstances.

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